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3 Weeks to go until ANGA COM 2024: 480 Exhibitors and 60 Panels on Fiber Optics, Media and Connectivity

  • Exhibition and Conference from 14 to 16 May 2024 in Cologne / Germany
  • Conference programme with more than 60 panels and over 240 speakers
  • Completely free access to the show and conference on Thursday, 16 May 2024
  • International programme at the Innovation Stage with free access for all visitors
  • Over 480 exhibitors from 35 countries on 25,000 sqm gross exhibition space
  • Conference programme, exhibitor list, floor plans and ticket shop at

Cologne/Germany, 23 April 2024 | ANGA COM 2024 will start in exactly three weeks. Europe's leading Exhibition and Conference for Broadband, Television & Online will take place from 14 to 16 May 2024 – when the broadband and media industry will once again meet in Cologne / Germany. Over 480 exhibitors from 35 countries will be present in the two exhibition halls on 25,000 sqm gross exhibition space (exhibitor list | floor plans).

With its strategy programme, the technology programme and the Innovation Stage in hall 7 (with free access for all visitors and ticket categories on all three days), ANGA COM offers over 60 panels and more than 240 speakers (speaker list). On Thursday, 16 May 2024, access to the show and conference is completely free of charge. The programme partners for this day include the Federal Gigabit Bureau, the VATM Association and aconium.

The international technology programme has been revised and addresses topics such as FTTH, PON, DOCSIS 4.0, 10G, Open Access, Streaming & OTT, Content Distribution, CDN, Artificial Intelligence, Sustainability, Energy Efficiency, Resilience and IoT. Two panels offer international practice reports from network operators on the fiber optic roll-out in France and the Netherlands.

Following its successful premiere in 2023, the mainly international programme of the Innovation Stage in hall 7 will once again be open to all visitors and ticket categories this year. The programme features up-to-date presentations and discussion panels on topics such as Connectivity, Media Distribution, WIFI, Sustainability, Artificial Intelligence, Streaming, IPTV and Cloud TV.

Highlights of the regular conference programme are the Gigabit Summit, the Media Summit, the Fiber Optic Summit and the Infrastructure Summit:

  • The Gigabit Summit “Cooperation or Consolidation – How will the Operator Structure develop by 2030?” will follow the opening address by Klaus Müller, President of the German Federal Network Agency. Business and TV Journalist Isabelle Körner will present Jan Georg Budden (CEO and Co-Founder, Deutsche GigaNetz), Michael Jungwirth (Director Public Policy, Vodafone Group & Member of the Management Board, Vodafone Deutschland), Timo von Lepel (Managing Director, NetCologne), Wolfgang Metze (Member of the Executive Board B2C, Telekom Deutschland), Andreas Pfisterer (CEO, Deutsche Glasfaser) and Jens Prautzsch (CEO, Unsere Grüne Glasfaser).
  • The Media Summit will address the question “Linear, On Demand, Free or Pay – Which Content will create new Growth?” at a top level. Thomas Lückerath ( will present Dr. Nadine Bilke (Programme Director, ZDF), Inga Leschek (Programme Managing Director RTL and RTL+), Sabine de Mardt (Managing Director & Producer, Gaumont), Henrik Pabst (Managing Director and Chief Content Officer, Seven.One Entertainment Group), Dr. Christoph Schneider (Country Director, Prime Video DE/AT & Managing Director, Amazon Digital Germany) and Sascha Schwingel (CEO, UFA).
  • The Fiber Optic Summit will discuss the key operational question: “How do we keep up the Pace of Expansion?” with Dr. Kerstin Baumgart (Managing Director Wholesale, Telekom Deutschland), Nelson Killius (CEO, M-net), Markus Oswald (CEO, Tele Columbus), Tanja Richter (Managing Director Technology & Network Director, Vodafone Deutschland), Bernd Thielk (Managing Director, and Dr. Sören Trebst (CEO, OXG Glasfaser). Moderator: Wolfgang Bock (Boston Consulting Group).
  • The Infrastructure Summit “Networks, Digitalization, Smart City” will kick-off the Thursday, the completely free conference and exhibition day with Valentina Daiber (Chief Officer Legal & Corporate Affairs, Telefónica Deutschland), Susanne Fabry (Member of the Board, RheinEnergie), Michael Fränkle (CTO, Tele Columbus), Gertrud Husch (Head of Department Digital Connectivity, Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport), Christoph Lüthe (Managing Director, vitronet Gruppe) and Tanja Richter (Managing Director Technology & Network Director, Vodafone Deutschland). Moderator: Kerstin Stromberg-Mallmann (Talking Bridges).

Further strategy panels will address, among others, the following topics of the broadband and media industry:

  • Products, Marketing and Sales: How do we increase Take-Up Rates for Gigabit?
  • Future of Streaming: Content, Costs and Cooperations
  • Financing, Development of Costs and Investors: How does the Fiber Optic Expansion stay on Track?
  • Migration from Copper to Glas: Chances, Conditions and Timeline
  • Inhouse Networks: Ho do we solve the Key Issue for the FTTH Roll-Out?
  • From Collective to Individual Contracts: How will the TV Reception develop?
  • Housing Industry and Collective Contracts: Where do we stand 6 Weeks before the System Change?
  • Update Fiber Optical Roll-Out: Cooperation Models and Open Access
  • 40 Years of the Dual Media System: Looking Ahead (in cooperation with VAUNET)
  • Presentation of the VATM Gigabit Study 2024 (in cooperation with VATM)
  • AI is King? What Artificial Intelligence really brings to Media Companies (in cooperation with VAUNET)
  • Falling Market Prices, rising Content Costs: How can Television remain profitable for Network Operators?
  • Update on Telecommunications Regulation, GIA and Digital Networks Act
  • Fiber Optics and Municipalities: Success Factors and Pitfalls in Network Expansion
  • Sustainability and Energy Efficiency (in cooperation with VATM)
  • Personalized TV Services and Addressable TV (in cooperation with German TV Platform)
  • Gigabit, TV and Product Bundles: How can local Network Operators survive the growing Competition?
  • Fiber Optic Cooperations and Open Access: Best Practice Reports (in cooperation with VATM)
  • DIN 18220: Opportunities and Challenges for the Fiber Optic Expansion (in cooperation with Federal Gigabit Bureau)
  • Fiber Optic Expansion and Energy Transition: Synergies for a sustainable Future (in cooperation with Federal Gigabit Bureau)
  • Permit Mastery: Navigating the Red Tape Jungle for Fiber Success (organized by Accenture)
  • FiberCo Leadership 2024 :What are the Priorities of the German Fiber CEOs? (organized by Egon Zehnder)
  • Civil Engineering in Municipalities: Experiences, Potential Savings and Acceleration Options (in cooperation with aconium)

Dr. Peter Charissé, CEO ANGA COM: “We have grown in all areas once again. ANGA COM offers fiber optics, media distribution and connectivity in top form. I am particularly pleased about the many large stands, including those of the network operators themselves and the numerous evening events organized by our exhibitors.”

Registration for conference and exhibition visitors is possible online; there will be no ticket sales on-site. Tickets for the exhibition are available for 25.- Euros. Participation in the regular conference programme is possible from 140.- Euros, for young professionals (people under 30 years) for not more than 40.- Euros. On the third day, Thursday, 16 May 2024, participation in the exhibition and conference programme is completely free of charge.

All information on the event is available on the website at Further details and numerous statements of leading representatives from the fiber optics, broadband and media industry can be found in the fact sheet. The website also provides a wide range of videos and photos.

ANGA COM is Europe's leading Exhibition and Conference for Broadband, Television & Online. It brings together network operators, vendors and content providers on all issues of the broadband and media distribution. The last ANGA COM counted 470 exhibitors from 35 countries and 22,000 participants from more than 80 countries. Amongst the participants were 520 network and platform operators serving more than 200 million households all over Europe, as well as 250 media companies. 41 percent of the participants belonged to the senior management. This year’s cooperation partners of the conference programme are Accenture, aconium, ANGA, Broadband Forum, EY, Federal Gigabit Bureau, Germany TV Platform, InfraNum, NLconnect, Nomios, Ocilion IPTV Technologies, SCTE a subsidiary of CableLabs, The SCTE (Society for Broadband Professionals), VATM and VAUNET. Sponsoring partners are AVM, QVC and SES Germany. The ZVEI Trade Association Media Networks has been an association partner of ANGA COM since 1998. The next show date is 14 to 16 May 2024 in Cologne / Germany.